Colocation is a very popular option for clients who want full choice and control over the hardware and software they use, but don’t want the expense of maintaining a 24/7 connected secure building with redundant power and air conditioning infrastructure. We supply electricity, air conditioning, fire suppression, backup power supply, multi-level security and an internet connection. You supply a rack-mountable server, or servers, from 1U upwards.

Your server will be housed in one of our rack cabinets, located within Saxon House, a data centre owned by Safehosts, Cheltenham. The data centre is a carrier neutral server colocation data centre outside the M25 danger zone with multiple Tier 1 transit links. The facility has a cutting-edge design, allowing it to have one of the lowest PuE’s in the country. Designed not only to be green but to have low running costs, the data centre provides the ultimate in redundancy, uptime, and network co-location services.

We offer a range of additional features to which you can subscribe, these include firewalls, remote reboots, additional IP addresses, NAS space for backups, and server management. The pricing listed below is per server.  Simply look up your server’s size and the amount of bandwidth you require, to obtain the monthly price.  We allocate one power socket, one network socket and two IP addresses as standard.

Price List

Rack Space Setup Fee Monthly Cost
1U (0.5 amp) £65.00 £70.00
2U (1 amp) £100.00 £100.00
5U (2.5 amps) £200.00 £300.00
11U (6 amps) £300.00 £500.00
47U (12 amps) £500.00 £2,000.00

Bandwidth Charges

Inclusive Traffic Monthly Cost
50GB per month £50.00
100GB per month £100.00
250GB per month £150.00
500GB per month £250.00