Dedicated Servers

When you want to be in complete control or you have outgrown a shared hosting solution, a dedicated server is the answer. Businesses who are serious about their web presence or need to run an e-commerce site should also seriously consider a dedicated web server.

With a dedicated server you are not competing for bandwidth or processing power with other clients’ websites, leaving your business solution to run at its full potential 24/7.

If you are a business based in the UK or Ireland you can request a free trial of our dedicated servers.

All our servers come with the following as standard:

  • CentOS, Windows 2008 or your choice of Operating System
  • High quality HP DL360 ProLiant G5 server hardware
  • 99.9% Service Level Agreement
  • Flexible monthly payments
  • Full Root Access
  • Technical Support

All servers are housed in a choice of secure and resilient data centres, offering you the ultimate in security, reliability and control, guaranteed to meet all your website and database needs. We understand that every requirement is unique and each configuration is built to the client’s specific requirements. Although we have a Price List, please get in touch with us for an accurate quotation.

Price List

Reference CPU Memory HDD RAID Setup Fee Monthly Cost Annual Cost
BX-P50 2.8GHz Xeon 512MB 20GB RAID-1 £65.00 £80.00 £800.00
BX-P51 2.8GHz Xeon 1GB 40GB RAID-1 £65.00 £100.00 £1,000.00
BX-P60 2.8GHz Xeon 1GB 40GB RAID-5 £65.00 £150.00 £1,500.00
BX-P61 2.8GHz Xeon 2GB 80GB RAID-5 £65.00 £170.00 £1,700.00
BX-P70 2.8GHz Xeon (dc) 1GB 40GB RAID-5 £65.00 £180.00 £1,800.00
BX-P71 2.8GHz Xeon (dc) 2GB 80GB RAID-5 £65.00 £200.00 £2,000.00
BX-P80 2.8GHz Xeon (dc) 2GB 40GB RAID-6 £65.00 £200.00 £2,000.00
BX-P81 2.8GHz Xeon (dc) 2GB 80GB RAID-6 £65.00 £220.00 £2,200.00
BX-P90 2.8GHz Xeon (qc) 2GB 80GB RAID-6 £65.00 £260.00 £2,600.00
BX-P91 2.8GHz Xeon (qc) 4GB 160GB RAID-6 £65.00 £280.00 £2,800.00