Email Archiving

Email archiving is a system that allows a company to automatically record and store all emails (including attachments) as they enter and leave the business.

The aim of an email archive is to ensure good business practice, adherence to Government legislation and compliance to international codes of practice. The Cobalt Archive email archive servers are ‘tamper-proof’ (not easily accessible to unauthorised personnel) and allow for a complete audit trail if there is a legal requirement to do so. All archives are duplicated to another file server in a separate data center.

CobaltArchive Network

The amount of information companies are managing has grown to epic proportions over the past decade. Managing eDiscovery has become a daunting prospect, particularly when it involves meeting deadlines. Cobalt Archive allows you to store and index incoming and outgoing mail and perform easy queries to quickly find needed information. During eDiscovery you might be required to present all emails to and from a specific customer during a specified time frame – with the Cobalt Archive system, you can pull this off without much difficulty. Performing the same query by hand could take days or weeks (or more) depending on the request and amount of mail you’ve got.

Companies must retain all correspondence created, sent, or received in connection with an audit or review of a public company for a period of seven years, during which time these records must remain non-erasable and non-rewritable. This includes any electronic records such as email, particularly relating to subjects, departments or individuals involved in auditing procedures. CobaltArchive provides the tools necessary for email retention, in preparation for legal discovery and in aid of email compliance.

  • Cobalt Archive provides assurances over the integrity of your email archive.
  • With Cobalt Archive your data is stored directly on the filesystem.
  • Cobalt Archive uses an extremely fast search engine.
  • With Cobalt Archive‘s stubbing feature, you have a familar Outlook experience.
  • Data in the email archive is stored in a standardized format (i.e. RFC822).
  • No additional third-party software is required.
  • With smart attachment storage, only one copy of an attachment is saved.

The need to know what information your company has and where you can store and find that information in an efficient manner is driving the surge in demand for email archiving.  Cobalt Archive offers great value at a great price. It incorporates all the features one would expect in an top-of-the-range email archiving system.

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