High-Availability Servers

As the web becomes more a part of every day life, the guaranteed availability of your website becomes more and more critical. Boost the reliability and performance of your site by moving it from a single server environment to an enterprise grade cluster of specialized servers. Enjoy the benefits of RAID protection on each server in the cluster giving continuous data protection of your website.

Our high-availability dedicated servers are the perfect solution for companies looking for reliable, enterprise hosting for their mission-critical website. We can offer various high availability and load balancing solutions using cluster or failover technology, either in the same data centre or in dual locations.

High availability is not just about data but also about the ability to continue with business regardless of the type of failure. For today’s organizations, high availability is essential, especially in industries with strict compliance and regulatory requirements. All web sites are mirrored and include instant fail over and continual load balancing.

Advanced firewall protection, intrusion detection, and web site monitoring protect your site from internet intruders. Remote site data replication to another data center provides the final level of resilience and ensures your data is backed up, allowing you to have an online presence regardless even if a major catastrophe occured in Dockland.

We understand that every requirement is unique and each configuration is built to the client’s specific requirements. Although we have a Price List, please get in touch with us for an accurate quotation.

Price List

Reference CPU Memory HDD RAID Setup Fee Monthly Cost Annual Cost
BX-P60 2.8GHz Xeon 1GB 40GB RAID-5 £65.00 £300.00 £3,000.00
BX-P61 2.8GHz Xeon 2GB 80GB RAID-5 £65.00 £350.00 £3,500.00
BX-P70 2.8GHz Xeon (dc) 1GB 40GB RAID-5 £65.00 £395.00 £3,950.00
BX-P71 2.8GHz Xeon (dc) 2GB 80GB RAID-5 £65.00 £400.00 £4,000.00
BX-P80 2.8GHz Xeon (dc) 2GB 40GB RAID-6 £65.00 £400.00 £4,000.00
BX-P81 2.8GHz Xeon (dc) 2GB 80GB RAID-6 £65.00 £425.00 £4,250.00
BX-P90 2.8GHz Xeon (qc) 2GB 80GB RAID-6 £65.00 £475.00 £4,750.00
BX-P91 2.8GHz Xeon (qc) 4GB 160GB RAID-6 £65.00 £525.00 £5,250.00