Remote Desktop Services

Remote Desktop Services

Cobalt Networks offer a unique and bespoke approach to hosting business critical applications within the Cloud. Using Remote Desktop Services we can ensure our clients have access to their hosted applications from anywhere there is an internet connection.  Our hosted desktop solution is a bespoke, managed solution where clients get their own dedicated server, providing access to any number of hosted desktops and applications. All the data is stored on our fully redundant cloud hosting platform and data is replicated to our backup UK data centres.

Remote Desktop Services is an ideal, cost-effective, solution for any business to remotely access applications from anywhere, at any time. This service is especially valuable to companies with a flexible workforce, especially for employees working off-site or from home. The majority of providers in this marketplace do not provide the bespoke elements that Cobalt Networks provide. By this, we mean we will host any application a client wants to access remotely. The majority of other providers will only provide a specific set of applications. In most cases they offer Microsoft Office and email running on their hosted desktop.

Remote Desktop Server

Remote Desktop Services is a powerful way to access your company information and files. As applications are available from any secure web browser (SSL 256 bit encryption is used) it’s a simple, cost effective, secure, and risk-free way of businesses acquiring their computers, their software applications, and their IT support. Our remote desktop subscribers run all their company software (Microsoft Office, databases, accounting packages, etc.) online instead of from their hard drives, which assures guaranteed system performance, file security, and access to everything from anywhere. The cost is fixed per employee and paid monthly.

Benefits of using Virtual Remote Desktop Solution

  • Anytime, Anywhere – Your desktop and applications are accessible anytime and whenever it is convenient for you.
  • Save Time and Management Fees – Streamline applications so you don’t need to install them on every PC/laptop employees use.
  • Centralized Management – Ensures all employees are using the same applications and the versions are up-to-date.
  • Secure Connection – Keep your information secure by maintaining a private connection to your remote server.
  • Increase Efficiency – Improve efficiency by simplifying the process of workers remotely accessing applications.

We are confident in the service we provide so we don’t require any 12 month or 24 month contracts – the first payment is a payment for the month you go live and an advance payment for the next month. You can terminate at any time during the month and you will not receive an invoice at the end of that month once you terminate. Usage of the system is calculated each month based on the applications and active users.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What devices can be used to access my application?
Users can access an application from any device, including iPads, iPhone, Android, and internet browsers.
2. What applications are available in your Remote Application Hosting library?
The following applications are already configured for remote access: Microsoft Office, MS Visio, Sage, QuickBooks, Act, FileMaker, SQL.
3. What kind of applications can be configured by Remote Application Hosting?
We can configure any Windows OS application.
4. Will my Users be able to print locally?
Yes, no additional software installation or setup is required. Users can print on any type of printer and will see their local printer(s).
5. Will my application still work with multiple monitors?
Yes, we can configure applications to work with single and multiple monitors.
6. Can Users share and have private storage and workspaces?
Storage can be configured to provide both shared and private storage and workspaces.

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